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Overwhelmed in business? Not enough time, or resources?

Introducing 1 Week 1 Thing, the productivity blueprint for the business owner.

Join Jeffrey Nott for a realistic, ratcheted process of accountability and focus that will help you capitalize on your greatest asset—your time—and build the business you envisioned the day it was founded.

Give yourself permission to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

In 1 Week 1 Thing, author and experienced business owner Jeffrey Nott provides a step-by-step, one-week-at-a-time approach in a workable format that fits into any busy schedule. 1 Week 1 Thing is a fresh approach. By dedicating only 2-3 hours each week to one important portion of your business at a time, you can not only increase profits but improve your outlook on the future.

Balance Priorities

Learn the secrets to identifying and balancing the most important priorities.

Identify Critical Timesets

We all have a full 24hrs a day. Learn to identify when time is of the essence and when to just let it go.

Intelligent Pacing

Starting fast is great, but only if you do it strategically. Learn how and when to fast track.

Increase Profits

Identify areas that provide the highest return for your time. Learn to focus on those and increase your profits.

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